Creating strong leaders and creators today, for a better tomorrow

Our Mission

The mission of the Pearl Project is to provide a safe space to empower young girls. We will ensure that girls are equipped with the confidence, skills, and resources necessary to achieve their personal, professional, and academic goals, so that they can become leaders in their communities. 


Our Network

The Pearl Project is partnered with the UN and the Resolution Project. The Pearl Project, championed by our founder, Apefa Adjivon, was the only North American venture to win the Social Venture Challenge at the 2017 Winter Youth Assembly at the United Nations, being awarded a grant and fellowship. Apefa was also invited to be trained by the United Nations Association of Canada and the British Council in Social Enterprise, where she was the youngest startup invited to present the Pearl Project at the inaugural Youth Innovation Summit on Parliament Hill.

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Growing up in a lower-income community herself, Apefa remembers telling a neighbour her dream of wanting to become a doctor; and being told in response that she could never achieve her goal because "People from around here don't do that sort of thing. Definitely not girls". She was disheartened, but she luckily found someone who believed in and encouraged her to reach for the stars, while also helping her develop the skills and access the resources she needed to do so. Today, Apefa believes and understands deeply through her own experience that there is value in not only encouraging girls, but in taking steps to help them reach their goals. Much like in the way her mentor helped her in her life, she wants to encourage, inspire, empower and assist girls today in the same way. So, she founded the Pearl Project in the hopes to carry on a tradition of women nurturing and uplifting future generations of  young women to reach their full potential.